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Thursday, August 18, 2005

“What a waste!” is the feeling one gets after watching the Aamir Khar starrer that was released on the week coinciding with our 57th Independence Day. The fact that it wastes the supreme talents of actors like Aamir and Rani notwithstanding, there were a few other wastes that didn’t fail to get noticed. For example, 3 hours of my weekend time, 500 million rupees of the producer (rumor!), 60 bucks of mine for the ticket and more.

The film does have its moments like the scene (clichéd as it may be) where Mangal Pandey stands up alone against a whole regiment of the Queen’s army and some hard-hitting, whistle-seeking dialogues. But otherwise the film disappoints. One can see the dilemma faced by the makers - to be a great epic or a typical box office guaranteeing bollywood film. A mixture of both elements results in a kitsch that makes the intestines churn for those seeking to experience the former. Get a DVD (once it comes out) and watch it on the tube is my recommendation.


Praveen G K 11:33 AM, August 21, 2005  


Even I too heard that Mangal Pandey is hyped beyond proportions...but of course will try to watch it!!!

Prashanth Manikya 4:27 PM, September 13, 2005  

Very true... not a worth to watch on big screen..
me just spent 10 bucks for the rental :)

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