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Monday, September 05, 2005

I tried my hand today answering the deceptively simple question "What is life?". The friend who I mailed this suggested that this be put up in my blog. So here we go...

There are different meanings to life. There was no short answer and hence composed this mail.

Staring at the sun
If you want a biological answer, it is the phenomenon of self sustenance of a hydrocarbon soup which differentiates it from a non-sustaining one. There are many levels of life with humans being of the highest order and virus forming the other end of the spectrum.

Philosophically speaking, it is an involuntary one way journey on a road filled with potholes to make it less monotonous. But the purpose seems to be to complete the journey in a way considered satisfactory by the lifeform itself during its end.

Being a jain, it is another step on the way to ultimate liberation (kaivalya) with the quality of it determining your next step.

Being a cynic, it is a curse upon a being to suffer through an inconsequential existence and then end it only to enter another unknown and most probably equally pathetic state.

Romantically speaking, if i were in love with you and you'd asked me "what is life?", i'd say "for me, it is you".

I also believe its a precious gift from God given to us to be nurtured and given a complete meaning to,which will make him happier, for He creates us not to suffer but lead a happy and content life. Suffering only comes due to desire and humans confuse/mix the satisfaction of desire with happiness.



aarthy 6:19 PM, September 12, 2005  

...and because there are too many answers to this question it is just better to live it.

your friend was smart to have you post it here. In, possibly, the most simple of ways, you have stated the complexity of our minds. You are right, in all perspectives, from Jainism to the Cynic - unfortunately there are many more. Isn't it obvious? We think too much. But then, the greatest pleasure or good is that of the mind. Bah hum bug.

:-) I am beginning to think, you now have a fan of your blog.

thanks :-)

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