The walk of life (draft)

Friday, October 21, 2005

The endless stretch of water, the evening sun settling down into its nightly recess, the odd kids playing around with abandon in the spray, this was the place he felt most at home. A home away from home. This was where he could let his mind travel beyond the realms of time, back and forth. He had spent the most brooding moments of the life here and not surprisingly they were all in the last few weeks. He remembered the happenings clearly, some three weeks back. It was something he couldn't forget even if he wanted to.

Anita walked into the room quietly. I showed no signs of acknowledging the fact. The newspaper held more interest than her talk at the moment. My little daughter brought me nothing more than demands these days. She seemed to take the privileges of being the lone child for granted. But at 19 she should be a lot more independent than this. At her age I was away from home standing on my feet. But that was a different era. She now stood at the edge of the bed and was waiting for me to look up. It was then that I noticed some change in her. Couldn't place it on anything particular. But she usually barged into the room and demanded attention.

... to be continued


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