Labor of love

Friday, November 18, 2005

A night not so long ago,
when I was in deep slumber,
she appeared with all her allure,
and begged me to come to her.

I woke up later with gumption,
to make the dream come true,
To seek comfort in her nestle,
and start our romance anew.

Pretty soon did I get the chance,
to devise another sojourn,
To get closer to her,
and seduce her to be my own.

Then when i did get to see her,
she stood in all her splendor.
As if challenging me to get to her,
and make it a moment to remember.

Slowly and steadily,
I start from the base.
She looks down at me,
and stands, uncaring and blasé.

Her undulating terrain,
so tough and wild.
But the splendid view,
so refreshing to the mind.

So many memories come back,
during the long journey up.
Of the times gone by,
the high and then the slump.

Midway during the leg,
I rest and look up at her.
She hides her face,
timid yet oozing with desire.

Now it was just a matter of time,
before the passions tipped over.
And as promised, ecstasy and joy,
would this labor of love doth deliver.

Giving my everything,
I reach the climax,
Exhilarating is the one word I could utter,
on reaching the Chembra peak top.


Praveen G K 4:47 AM, November 27, 2005  

cool one...I never expected Chambra peak though:-)

P V Menon 5:51 PM, November 30, 2005  

lo! idhe yavage bharadhe... it's very good.

Midway thru the poem, i realised it's not about a girl. Towards the end (where u use undulating and rough to describe 'her' terrain), i could nail the ghost.

Shashank Jain 6:15 PM, November 30, 2005  

hehe. you would have found it easier to relate to since you were part of this "labor of love" too!

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