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Sunday, November 27, 2005

A disclaimer first..this has nothing to do with that affordable and crunchy snack of the same name.

Am just done with my level 1A of french classes and now time to look back and gloss over what really happened. While my tone suggests I have been through a major traumatic experience, let me allay all such fears. It was quite the opposite. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and the experience and I have even got a 82.5/100 as a final score to boot.

I was watching TV5 Asia the other day and was suprised how much I could comprehend of the written french and how little of the spoken variety. Obviously its a huge mountain to scale and more so since I haven't been able to give it enough time.

Read this:
I was standing at the counter chanting something. He marches upto me and demands some information. I regard him and think, I am getting deranged by this young man. But then this is my travail!

Now the whole situation wasn't so dramatic as is presented in the para above. Its just that I took the liberty of translating something directly from french without thinking too hard. This is what was originally meant:
I was standing at the counter singing something. He walks upto me and asks for some information. I look at him and think, I am getting disturbed by this young man. But then this is my work!

Talk about information getting lost in translation!
Just one thought lingers...why couldn't the english import words without having to change their intensity.


Sneha 12:51 AM, November 08, 2006  


Who do you reckon will be able to sufficiently answer that question??

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